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Damian Connon

Green Party of Ireland‘s Communications Manager since October 2007, Damian has been the Party’s Press Officer since July 2006 and previously worked as Press Attaché for the Green Group in the European Parliament from 2003-2005. He has worked as a journalist in Dublin and Brussels, where he edited a weekly political newspaper. He has a degree in Business and Political Science from Trinity College Dublin.
– contact: damian.connon(at)
* Handbook chapter: Using Traditional Media

Jonas De Meyer
International Secretary for the Young Greens of Flanders (Jong Groen!) since 2008. Jonas graduated in History, has a post-graduate degree in International Relations and Diplomacy and currently works as adviser for Bruno De Lille, Green Member of the Government of the Brussels Capital Region. He has been active in several election campaigns.
– contact: jonas(at)
* Handbook chapter: Green Youth Organisations (with Sabine Van Belle)

Albert Eckert
Facilitator, Trainer, Coach, Political Consultant and Mediator.
– website:
– contact: eckert(at)
* Handbook chapters:  Planning the Campaign Strategically (with Ville Tuominen), Campaign Organisation, Campaign Finances (with Marc Urbatsch), Fundraising and SponsoringEvaluating the Campaign, Ruining the Campaign – a Compilation of Mistakes

Edouard Gaudot
Born 1974, historian and political scientist. A former teacher, Edouard used to work for Bronislaw Geremek at the College of Europe (Warsaw) and then his European Parliament office in Brussels. After a brief passage at the European Commission in Paris, he joined Dany Cohn-Bendit and the Europe-Ecologie movement, working in the 2009 European and 2010 Regional elections as a campaign adviser. Currently works for the Greens-EFA group in the European Parliament, as a political adviser.
– contact: edouard.guadot(at)
* Handbook chapter: European Topics in a Campaign – the French Example

Robert Heinrich
Director of Communications for Bündnis 90/Die Grünen since 2007, Robert was part of the team which led his party’s European and national election campaign in 2009, with a strong focus on the Greens’ online campaign, which invested heavily in social media, volunteers’ participation, and dialogue. Prior to that, he was Head of Staff in the office of the Secretary General in the Green national party headquarters. He studied political science, economics and sociology in Leipzig, Washington and Berlin.
– contact: robert.heinrich(at)
* Handbook chapter: Developing Messages, The Last 72 Hours (with Michael Scharfschwerdt)
* Handbook best practice: Campaign Messages and Slogans from Germany, The German Greens – Three Days Sleepless on the WWW (with Michael Scharfschwerdt)


Beata Maciejewska
President of the Board of Trustees of the Green Institute ‘Zielony’. Editor-in-chief of the magazine “Green City”.
* Handbook chapter: Canvassing (Door-to-Door)

James Mackenzie
Commercial Director of Cutbot, a public affairs and media monitoring company. Former Head of media for the Green MSPs in the Scottish Parliament, and also the party’s Communications Coordinator. James has been a party activist since 1998, and helped the successful campaign to elect Robin Harper as Britain’s first Green Parliamentarian in 1999. From 2002 to 2005 he was press officer for the Parliament’s Presiding Officers, specialising in defending the controversial but lovely new Parliament building.
– contact: communications(at)
* Handbook best practice: Post-Election Talks in Scotland: a Campaign Opportunity

Christian Neuner
Born in 1976, Christian Neuner heads GreenCampus – the Academy for Politics and Management at the Heinrich-Boell-Foundation, Berlin. He is a Photographer, Coach and Consultant for Communication and Strategy.
– contact: neuner(at)
* Handbook chapter: Training Staff, Candidates and Volunteers


Beate Potzmader
Campaign manager for the Austrian Green Party. Studied European Economy and Business Management in Vienna, as well as Coaching and Organisational Development. She has worked as Campaign Manager for the Greens at regional and national level since 1997.
– contact: beate.potzmader(at)
* Handbook chapters: Targeting Voters, The Candidates, Opposition Research, Grassroots – Word of Mouth


Michael Scharfschwerdt
Senior Consultant for JF&C (Joscha Fischer & Company). Former Coordinator of the German delegation of the Greens in the European Parliament, until 2007 Michael Scharfschwerdt was the Director of Communications for Bündnis 90/Die Grünen in Germany.
* Handbook chapter: European Elections, The Last 72 Hours (with Robert Heinrich)

Jan Seifert

Partner and co-founder of techPolitics LLP, a European communication and campaign partnership. Jan has worked in different political campaigns from local to European level in political parties and NGOs. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Public Policy.
– contact: jan(at)
* Handbook chapter: Using Mobile Phones

Ville Tuominen
Ville Tuominen, born in 1978, former Campaign Manager of Vihreät De Gröna (Finnish Green Party) . He was involved in several campaigns at all levels. He lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.
– contact: ville.tuominen(at)
* Handbook chapter: Planning the Campaign Strategically (with Albert Eckert)

Marc Urbatsch
Treasurer of the Green Party in the city state of Berlin and a councillor in Berlin-Mitte.
– contact: marc.urbatsch(at)
* Handbook chapter: Financing the Campaign (with Albert Eckert)

Sabine Van Belle
Coordinator for the Young Greens of Flanders (Jong Groen!) since 2007. Sabine graduated in Biology and has a post-graduate degree in Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development. Apart from her expertise in the daily management of an independent Green youth wing, she is an experienced campaign coordinator for the Young Greens, having already conducted three successful campaigns on national/regional level.
– contact: sabine(at)
* Handbook chapter: Green Youth Organisations (with Jonas De Meyer)

Jon Worth
Partner and co-founder of techPolitics LLP, a European communication and campaign partnership, Jon has many years’ experience designing websites for politicians and political organisations. Jon is one of the founders of, an EU affairs blogging aggregator.
– website:
– contact: jon(at)
* Handbook chapter: Campaigning Online