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Campaign Craft. The Strategies, Tactics, and Art of Political Campaign Management
by Daniel M. Shea and Michael J. Burton, Westport, Praeger Publishers, 2010
– This book is a valuable source if you want to understand modern political campaigning (focused on the US).

How to Win Campaigns. Communications for Change
by Chris Rose, London, Earthscan, 2010

Campaigns and Elections American Style
by James A. Thurber and Candice J. Nelson (eds), Boulder, Colorado, Westview Press, 2009
– Lots of background information written by academics and campaign professionals but not many cookbook answers.

The Campaign Manager
by Catherine Shaw, Boulder, Colorado, Westview Press, 2009
– A practical and concise guide first written for local elections in the US but also full of tips for European campaigns on all levels. Extremely useful.

The Political Mind. A Cognitive Scientist’s Mind to Your Brain and Its Politics
by George Lakoff, New York, Penguin Books, 2009 
description – table of contents     

The Political Brain. The role of emotion in deciding the fate of the nation
by Drew Westen, New York, PublicAffairs, 2008

Ich Trete an! 10 Erfolgsfaktoren für alle, die gewählt werden wollen
Regina Maria Jankowitsch, Vienna, C. Ueberreuter Verlag, 2005

Kampagne! 2 – Neue Strategien für Wahlkampf, PR und Lobbying
Marco Althaus und Vito Cecere (eds), Münster, Lit Verlag, 2003

Winning Elections. Political Campaign Management, Strategy and Tactics 
Ronald A. Faucheux (ed.), New York, M. Evans and Company Inc., 2003
– A collection of articles from the US journal “Campaigns & Elections” (most articles centre on US topics).