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The top candidate
It is certainly not always necessary for the top candidate to personally take part in meetings of the campaign team. But it is advisable that she be involved in the most important decisions or represented by somebody she trusts. A member of her staff cannot replace the top candidate; but he can act as her eyes and ears, function as a form of early warning mechanism, and, in all circumstances, encourage the two-way flow of information.

Opposition research
Campaigning is a fight: know your opponent! Someone in the campaign team, or very close to it, must be responsible for researching and providing the latest facts and figures concerning the opponents’ policies, plans, weaknesses, etc. This information should always be ready and accessible.

Volunteer Manager
Volunteers are often an untapped source of talent and enthusiasm; their diversity, their number, and therefore their potential, represent an outstanding opportunity for Green campaigns, political or otherwise: all contribute ideas, energy and help – all for free.

Frequently overlooked or quite simply forgotten, volunteer management is without doubt one of the most important functions in any political campaign, and the person in charge of volunteering must be a key member of the campaign team. How often do volunteers spontaneously turn up at campaign offices or get in touch with party headquarters hoping to offer a helping hand, looking for a task, leaving their contact details? How often are their names and numbers then swept under the carpet, and lost? It is the volunteer manager’s responsibility to ensure this never happens.

What are you able to do? What do you want to do? How much can you do? Three important questions to determine and make best use of a volunteer’s skills, enthusiasm and availability. The best way to keep volunteers happy is to get them involved from the very beginning, to offer them ownership of the campaign. Bring them all together during the planning phase, and openly discuss the different tasks. Talk with volunteers; do not order them about.

A volunteer works from home on her computer? Another volunteer has a car? Yet another has plenty of free time? Get to know them, and get to know how they can fit in.

The person responsible for volunteers must, above all else, be an excellent communicator. This is not a job for the least important and least experienced person in the party. Your volunteer manager is a central figure of your campaign.

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