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Who decides?
From the moment it is set up, the campaign team must know how it can take decisions, and which decisions it cannot take. It is common for the party board to reserve some of the most sensitive decisions for itself. Precisely which these are must be made explicit. A lack of clarity will almost inevitably lead to disputes and disagreements, which, in turn, are certain to damage, or at the very least disrupt, the campaign. The procedural rules must be straightforward, transparent and agreed by all.

In many instances, the candidate has the final say. One rule, in particular, should never be broken: a campaign poster must always be approved by the candidate that it depicts or represents. Campaign posters are powerful strategic tools, and one which a candidate is unhappy with will fast become a subject of extensive and predominantly negative debate (first and foremost because the candidate himself won’t stop complaining about it!). If a top candidate doesn’t like a poster, don’t print it. Likewise, his or her veto concerning any part of the campaign should stand. Top candidates are not puppets of the campaign team or party board.

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