Developing Messages

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Developing a message
Reserve a few days, not just a few hours for message development. Talk to ordinary people about their expectations, worries and hopes, about their opinion of the Greens and the opposition parties. Compare what you hear with your own opinion – and see if there are gaps that need bridging. Then go into retreat with your core campaign team. Message development must be done in a small team, not more than four or five people. The bigger the group is, the more diffuse the discussion will be.

Message box: A good tool for message development is the ‘message box’, as it arranges the most important aspects in a systematic order:
– What do I say about myself?
– What do I say about the opponent?
– What does the opponent say about me?
– What does the opponent say about himself?

This ‘message box’ is an auxiliary analytical tool to help you focus on the most important points. You will have to do most of the work, however, with creativity, in discussion with others, and using common sense.

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