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The three phases of Grassroots campaigning:

Input phase »»» Organisation phase »»» Training Phase = Mobilisation

1)    INPUT:
– Get family, friends, etc., involved in the action (maybe with the help of a survey).
– How can our concern be strengthened? (Research!) Set goals you want to aim for. These goals are to be communicated later on.
– What are you prepared to do? The message for the audience: You are prepared to give all of your energy for these goals.

– Construction of a network of activists.
– Feeding structures: Teams and team leaders to serve the activists should be built. They have to assume their well-defined responsibilities.
– Geographical position of the activists: In large countries and regions, activists should be pooled geographically – as should the responsible teams and team leaders.
– Objectives: Everyone should know the aim they are working towards.
– Activists have different goals, different resources: Keep in mind that activists cannot do all the campaign work. You should suggest different actions to them, in line with their goals and resources.
– Communication with the activists: This is a very important issue! Continuous communication – face-to-face, on the internet, or via e-mail – is necessary to jolly the activists along, ensuring their continuous support.
– Feedback options: Give your activists the chance to give feedback on the actions and support they receive. They talk to plenty of people – they may possess information that is essential for your party and campaign. Activists want to be taken seriously. So please take their feedback seriously.

Train your activists and enable them to talk to their friends in their own language. They must receive the following information:
– What are the objectives (of the campaign)?
– What is the strategy?
– Which tactics are used?
– Which message(s) should be communicated?
– What will the activists do exactly?

Offer exclusivity for your activists. (Give them ‘insider’ information, offer them information earlier than the public.)

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