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Word-of-Mouth (WOM)
In today’s overloaded advertising world, personal recommendations are the best and most effective way to get through to our potential voters. Friends communicate openly, honestly, credibly and accurately at the point of interest.

– 90% of consumers trust recommendations from friends
– 67% of the U.S. economy is influenced by word-of-mouth
– 70% of consumers trust consumer opinions on the internet

Word-of-mouth-marketing is often understood as a tool in downstream communication used in the last phase of the communication process. The power of WOM is in the end-to-end integration of the target group – from the development of the issues and the campaign development to the communication itself.

– Get to know and to understand your target groups and opinion leaders
– Use your target groups as multipliers

The 4 steps of WOM:

  1. XPLORE: Really understanding the target audience. Use existing and relevant market research data to understand and enrich WOM-activities (interests, lifestyle, trends, topics, etc.).
  2. TOUCH: Working with opinion leaders from the target group, for example in trend scout programmes.
  3. INVOLVE: Put the marketing in the hands of the audience, for example in the form of brand ambassador programmes.
  4. ATTACK: Understanding communication with the audience and spreading the message to the target groups.

Factors that increase chances of success:

  • The topic should be current, relevant and simple.
  • Support/alliances/partnerships: Form alliances, enlist celebrities for support, embed media cooperation, convince opinion leaders (such as internet bloggers)
  • Emotional approach: Specifically address the target groups, communicate authentically using witty, not old-fashioned, messages.
  • Use all relevant web 2.0 tools (Facebook, Youtube, MySpace, Twitter, etc.)
  • Adapt all on- and offline activities.
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