Bulgarian Green Tigers Youth Organisation

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The youth organisation ‘Green Tigers’ is not a party authority. A civil association of young Bulgarians, its members share a desire to combat pollution and the destruction of nature. The Green Tigers tackle environmental issues that have not been adequately addressed by the country’s different municipalities, cities and villages. Forests are being cut down, beaches and dams are suffering from excessive building, hoteliers and property developers have taken over (or are showing interest in) unspoiled places like Irakli, Strandja, Rila, and many more. The Green Tigers have organised information campaigns and protests in support of protective action. These have taken place in crucial sites in the captial Sofia, but also in a number of other problematic regions throughout the country. It has become evident that, in order to engage the government effectively, an uncompromising statement of the problems as we see them is necessary. The objective of the Tigers is to match and eventually surpass the attractiveness and efficiency of the actions of our colleagues in international eco-organisations like Greenpeace. On a number of occasions, the Tigers have sought advice and professional solutions from experts within the Green Party-Bulgarian Greens.   


Apathy Kills

Apathy Kills demonstration

The first major information campaign was ‘Apathy Kills!’ The campaign lasted more than a month. It took the Green Tigers to Bulgaria’s biggest cities, where they informed the citizens about air and water quality. The young Greens put oxygen masks on a series of monuments in the cities’ most important and remarkable squares, crossings and memorials.   

On the ‘Day of the Bulgarian Mountain’ the Green Tigers launched a campaign for the protection of the Bulgarian mountains and collected signatures in support of an initiative for the early retirement of the then Minister of the Environment and Water. The youth organisation plays a key role in helping the party achieve its objectives.   

Our most important campaign is to stop the illegal exchange of land. The Green Tigers organised a multitude of protests in a number of cities, forests, mountains, towns, and villages around the country.  The logo of the campaign was: ‘We’re no fans of land exchange!’ The youths called for more bicycle paths and more efficient public transport in cities. Later we set up a campaign called ‘Let’s go together’: to work, school, university, encouraging people to car-share rather than travel alone.    

Tree in a cart

Trees in carts

Finally, we held an event on climate change, which has already been suggested to the EGP: ‘Tree in a Cart’. We held events of this type in different locations around Bulgaria, all of which were well received by the media and the public. They involved putting trees in shopping trolleys, then forming processions down the main streets in several cities. As we walked, we explained to citizens that if we don’t act immediately to fight climate change, we will soon be forced to buy trees in supermarkets. In the end, we planted the trees in places like kindergartens and city parks.  

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