Green Youth Organisations

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1. Introduction
2. Preparation of the campaign
3. During the campaign
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A youth wing can prove to be an important asset for a Green Party when campaigning looms. As multiple election studies have shown, younger voters are more likely than older people to consider a vote for a Green Party. In this respect, a youth wing can be viewed as the perfect ‘tool’ to connect with younger voters. However, the mother party must not forget that a youth wing can never be a mere ‘tool’ and that a necessary amount of independence must be respected. It is important to stress that the message to the voter can only get through when both entities follow the same strategies. Most of the time, both the mother party and its youth wing are too small to work next to one other. So cooperation between a Green Party and its youth wing before and during elections is essential to the success of a coherent campaign. Such cooperation relies on mutual understanding, for which the sharing of information, mutual consultation and a clear and detailed agreement are key.

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