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During the campaign

An updated information flow between the youth wing and the mother party enables each side to:

– stay informed about the timing of the other’s initiatives (actions, street rallies, focus on campaign points, and so on) and the campaign calendar.
– reinforce the other on important events or rallies (do not organise separate events at the same time as your mother party!)

Don’t get trapped in a hesitant attitude. Approach the mother party pro-actively to stay informed on a daily basis.

Stay in contact with the young candidates and provide support for actions. Campaigning can be very hard and tiring, so motivating the young candidates is crucial if you want them to pass on a positive and appealing image to the voters.

Finally, hold enough in reserve for the last week before polling day because it is only then that a very large number of voters decide. A last-week campaign offensive should therefore be considered crucial.

The seriousness with which a mother party treats its youth wing depends, of course, not only on its actions during elections. Building up credibility is a constant point of attention for a youth wing. Making yourself visible as the youth wing within the mother party is therefore highly recommended, year in, year out. This can be done by participating in various activities, congresses, parties or by constructing an own identity as a youth wing by being politically active.

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