Swedish Green Party Election Campaign 2010

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Election strategy

  • Involving our members – identify key groups to help with small and limited assignments – people who have helped out once are also keen to do more in future. A campaign handbook was written for inspiration and to create commitment.
  • Inspiring sympathisers to spread our message – supply products that could be used through various social media, for example.
  • Using the regional organisations as nodes – key people to spread the message.
  • Adapting the message – refers to different messages at different municipal levels.
  • How do we want to be perceived? Our aim is to be regarded as a future-oriented Green party with political breadth, a party that understands the need for compromises while aiming for a long-term sustainable society.
  • Use other people’s view about us to create confidence in more issues – try to create spill-over effects from areas where we have high confidence ratings.
  • Use the summer to set the debate – not enough money for massive advertising at the end of the campaign, make use of the fact that there is a ‘news drought’ in the summer.
  • Make a spurt strategically and in particular on the internet – many voters, in particular Green voters – tend to decide late. Be prepared for more visitors to our website.
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