Swedish Green Party Election Campaign 2010

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A number of critera were set for our material. Amongst other things, we decided it should have a clear message, one or more clear areas of use and a consistent graphical profile. The products should be sustainable, and have a clear purpose and a clear target group.

As in previous elections, a booklet with our views on the most important political issues was compiled at an early stage. This was used in the training of election workers.

– Our election manifesto was adopted by our congress in May. The manifesto was translated into a range of languages.

– Posters were made with the election slogan ‘Modernising Sweden’ – see our Flickr account. The posters play on the campaign motto, and are hopefully self-explanatory. Each of them also features a short text to explain the issue further.

– In addition to this, we created an animation video using the posters, to be used during events.

– The banner that can be seen here was also used as advertising on various sites – e.g. second-hand shopping website.

– These elections were the first in which the Swedish Green Party made a commercial (below) to be shown on TV and in cinemas.

Social media

A lot of the material mentioned above was spread using Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube and Flickr. And for the first time we also advertised a lot on the web. There were three target groups: first, the ones who already supported us and would be keen to help us out by telling others that they were going to vote Green; second, the people looking for information; third, the young and hesitant voters. At online game and second-hand sites we ran the ad: ‘If you don’t know what to vote for, vote for the environment’.

During one of the last weeks of the election campaign, we were present at the exhibition area at the Central Station in Stockholm. This is a good place to meet users of public transport, one of our target groups. We had an installation with the motto ‘A green city is a more fun city’ where we had built a miniature town with a café, library, train station, etc. During the week, there were speeches and talks with Green politicians and experts in different areas. Another event was held in the Kungsträdgården park in central Stockholm, on the eve of the election. Political speeches were mixed with performances, there were stalls with political information, activities for children, a clothes swapping event, ecological products were sold, and so on.

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