The (anti-)establishment of the Norwegian Green Party

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Preparing for Norway’s parliamentary elections of 2013

GEF: Do you think that the events of July 2011 will still have an impact on the national elections next year?

Strømmen: “No, not really. It looks like it is going to be a classical election between left and right, and that the economy is going to play an important role. The problem for Miljøpartiet is that it does not identify strongly with either of the blocks.”

Schei: “We are worried that the green agenda will be ignored in the left-right debates, but on the other hand, this also gives Miljøpartiet an opportunity to profile itself.”

GEF: How is Miljøpartiet currently preparing for the elections of 2013? Do you have any strategic plans?

Schei: “Firstly, we are working on the professionalization of the party. Therefore, we are organising a huge education weekend with top members of Miljøpartiet. As a work in progress, we are not only thinking about focussing on specific target groups (like young people and pensioners), but also on specific regions in Norway. Due to the election system in our country, we are trying to get deputies in the parliament from the regions where we seem to have the best electoral chances, and where we have the most solid organisation. Of course, it will still be difficult to overcome the 4% threshold, but I am optimistic.”

GEF: Lastly, do you think that Europe is going to play a role in the campaigns, in spite of Norway not being an EU Member State? When Miljøpartiet is calling to end the oil era, and when you think that it might be due to its oil reserves that Norway has stayed out of the EU so far, as this has made arguments of economic necessity less convincing, does this mean that Miljøpartiet may support Norway’s EU accession?

Miljøpartiet calls for an end of the oil era, copyright

Strømmen: “Miljøpartiet has no official point of view in this matter, but the party states that there should be a referendum on Norway’s EU accession again in case the topic is put on the agenda. I think that a majority of the members of Miljøpartiet would vote against accession in that case, just like the Norwegian people in general. Personally, I have become quite pro-European though since I lived in Belgium.”

Schei: “It is well-known that many people in Norway, including those in Miljøpartiet, strongly oppose a possible EU accession. Therefore, this issue is not much discussed, and no politician really dares to put it on the agenda, especially not during the ongoing crisis of course. Regarding the economic consequences of ending the oil era, I think you touch upon an important point. Miljøpartiet has to lead a tough discussion in this respect, as it has to put on the agenda that ending the oil era will decrease Norway’s high standard of living. (Ironically:) People simply have to choose to have one instead of two cars, for example.”

GEF: Thank you very much for your time and your input!

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The interview was done by Daan Hovens.

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