The First Green MP in the House of Commons

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Skills and tips
I developed lots of skills, which I hope to be able to put to good use for whatever lies ahead of me: time-management, working with people in a team, and indeed on my own, but also motivating and managing volunteers and interns.      

Some useful things we learned:      

  • Prioritise canvassing those registered for a postal vote. A directly addressed letter to them before they get their ballot is a very good thing too.
  • If you are short on canvassers you can consider just canvassing people who voted last time (assuming you have the marked register) and new voters.
  • Never underestimate the value of home printing. Each member can print up to £50 worth of stuff or donate £50 worth of envelopes/paper. This can get you quite a lot of letters for targeting specific voters – e.g. in our case, LibDems or recent switchers to Labour.
  • The election day operation is critical. You need 100% coverage and start knocking up early in the day, around 2pm.
  • Collecting phone numbers and email addresses is very valuable, and can be done easily with a good script.
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