The First Green MP in the House of Commons

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Assessing the campaign
In the end, I think there are only two things that could have been improved:      

  • The list of volunteers already divided up into different wards, so that ward co-ordinators knew who to contact.
  • In the telephone ‘knocking-up’ briefing there should have been clear instructions about leaving one message on each household answering machine, and that notes should have been left in a column indicating who had been spoken to, and who had been left a message, so that we could pass the table on to other people later in the evening.

Three factors were crucial to our success:      

  • Telephone canvassing
  • Targeting the universities
  • Targeting postal voters

Also, I think now we need to get as many G1s and G2s as possible onto postal votes, because we are currently really missing a trick there.      

Now, it’s onwards and upwards – after the huge achievement, we are looking forward to the next one: the local elections in Brighton and Hove 2011 – bring it on!!  

See also the Campaign Handbook chapters:
Campaign Organisation
The Last 72 Hours
Evaluating the Campaign

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