Sharing your Message: Tips and Suggestions from the Île-de-France

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1. Soft mobility: walking and cycling
2. Local organic produce and healthy food
3. Public transport

Over the course of three election campaigns (legislative by-election for Alain Lipietz in October 2009 (see also the blog), the regional elections in March 2010, and the legislative by-election for Anny Poursinoff in July 2010), Europe Ecologie campaigners selected the location and adapted the methods used for distributing our pamphlets according to the message we wanted to spread. In so doing, we tried to confront people with the contradictions of our society and the inadequacies of current policies to make them better understand the measures we Greens defend.

Theme: soft mobility
Message: promoting walking and cycling for short distances, highlighting the health and environmental benefits.

  • How: campaigning by bike, or riding delivery tricycles or cargo-cycles
  • Where: town or city centres, suburban neighbourhoods
  • Advantages: fun, friendly, visible from far, generates curiosity

Cyclists are, on the whole, viewed as sympathetic beings. The advantage of campaigning by bike is the ease with which you can bump into a range of potential new Green voters in the most unusual locations – places that are generally free of activists from other political parties.

Distributing pamphlets at markets can quickly become very, very tiresome, not only for campaigners but also for citizens, who are often over-loaded with pamphlets, brochures and leaflets.

The bicycle serves as a prop on which to display or affix your message, while cycling around means you will be seen by a larger number of people in less time. The bike rides allow you to spread the message without disturbing people but nonetheless attracting their interest if the messages are simple, punchy, to the point, and well placed.

Cycling in groups of three or four is a good start and certainly enough to be visible from some distance. (See also the ‘balade citoyenne et festive‘ on Sophie Renard’s website)

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