Sharing your Message: Tips and Suggestions from the Île-de-France

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Theme: local organic produce, healthy food
Message: calling for more agricultural land to grow local produce, promoting fresh and pesticide-free food for children in schools.

  • How: tracts and messages carried by the campaigner
  • Where: parking lots alongside supermarkets or shopping malls
  • Advantages: brings you into contact with a different crowd

A good strategy is to approach only customers that are leaving a shop. At this stage, they are generally relieved in both senses of the word: their wallets/purses are lighter, and their desire to consume has been satisfied. Immediately, they become far more attentive and receptive to our messages.

The distinct advantage of campaigning here is that a Green encounter is relatively unexpected and therefore surprising and striking. Also, the people you’re likely to meet are different to those you’ll come across in more traditionally Green places (markets, for example).

Be careful though: it is often forbidden to distribute political tracts or leaflets on the private property belonging to supermarkets. Ask management beforehand, or position yourselves outside of the parking area.

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