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Exchange of knowledge for staff
Invite your own experts along. You will frequently find the important knowledge and experience you’re looking for in your immediate surroundings.

Example 1. You want to organise an election campaign in a city next year? Further south, in another city, your Green Party friends organised a series of exciting fundraising events through which they acquired a large part of their campaign funding. How did they manage this? What worked well or less well? Did they produce documents and lists that could prove helpful for your work?

Idea: invite those responsible for the fundraising actions in this other city to an internal evening event or reception of yours. Give them the chance to present their experiences and instruments, then consider which of these methods and approaches you could adopt.

Example 2. It has been decided that you need to organise your volunteers better. Because when they’re around, it’s not clear what they should do; and when you have too much on your plate, they’ve disappeared. You know of an environmental NGO that works a lot with volunteers. How does the NGO deal with volunteer management? What planning tools does it use? How are tasks distributed? How does it keep in touch with its volunteers, inform and motivate them? How are they thanked once the successful campaign is over?

Idea: Ask those responsible for volunteer management within the NGO to attend one of your smaller workshops. With their help, you can determine what objectives you should set yourself in your work with volunteers, how they can be better organised and their contribution made more efficient.

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