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Personal speech coaches for candidates
As a candidate, it is a good idea to get hold of your own personal speech coach. Only with practice and feedback will you be able to improve.

Public speaking stars don’t just fall from the sky. The same rule, therefore, applies here also: practice, practice, practice. But not alone in front of a mirror. Do you know what effect you as a candidate have on others? When do people find what you say and how you say things to be convincing? A speech coach could help you develop. But not everyone can afford a professional adviser like Obama or Clinton.

Idea: Look for someone close to you, someone you trust. Ask him or her to accompany you to big and small events over the following weeks, and to pay particular attention to what you say (whether it is understandable, too long, etc.) and how you speak (too loud, too quiet, body language all wrong, etc.). The two of you can then discuss in detail his or her impressions and feedback. In this way, although it may prove somewhat hectic, you will improve more rapidly and become far more confident and convincing than if you were to simply speak to yourself in the mirror.

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