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1. Using mobile phones: a strategic approach
2. How to prepare for the campaign
3. Specific examples of campaigning with mobile phones
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Using mobile phones in political campaigns is nothing new. We use our mobile phones to reach other activists or candidates on a daily basis, we call people during political actions and coordinate them – and many of us access websites with relevant information from our smartphone. We do most of these activities without even considering the mobile phone a specific vehicle for campaigning.

This article discusses a more strategic approach to the use of mobile phones, and particularly smartphones, in campaigns. While reading this, you will realise that the use of mobile phones in campaigns often relies on a strategic approach to online communication in a wider sense; in fact, these two approaches work best if they are thought about in conjunction. This trend will continue to rise as more and more people use smartphones. Soon, all mobile phone users in Europe will be able to access the internet in some way or other.

Target the audience
Campaign communication via mobile phones, just as with any other medium, needs to be targeted. A first step is therefore to define the various target groups. The subsequent ideas will focus on the following target groups: candidates, general interested audience, (potential) voters, party activists or passers-by. Think about how to approach each of these groups differently and what you need to keep them happy, or get them involved.

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