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Ideas for media events
Most campaigns will contain a number of similar elements – set-pieces like: launches to get the campaign going, unveil posters, publish the manifesto, showcase an election broadcast and, eventually, to wrap up the campaign.                

There will also usually be opportunities to present different policy ideas. These need not take the format of a press conference; it is usually a good idea to present your ideas with visuals that create an idea of the policy in action. A press conference provides little visual material for TV stations and photographers to work with. And even the best communicator will struggle to make detailed policies interesting in a room full of bored journalists.                

In the election campaign for local councillors in 2009, the best covered media event that the Irish Greens held was a press event to outline the party’s plans to improve cycling facilities in Dublin.                

Policy cycling

Policy cycling

A dozen bikes and helmets were borrowed from a cycle shop, and journalists and photographers were invited to accompany politicians on a mini tour of the city to point out good facilities as well as bad points (they also were treated to refreshments and pastries in a café in a new, pedestrianised urban plaza which has good bike parking – as well as good coffee.) A similarly successful event was held on a regular Dublin bus, hired for a couple of hours, to point out public transport facilities to media.                

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