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Politics – as well as policies
Making policy more interesting and understandable is one approach to take. (For an education event, why not consider holding it in a school or playground with children spelling out your message on large toy letters?). But Greens also have a tendency to talk exclusively about policies, and wonder why we suffer from a lack of coverage. We sometimes forget that journalists are often – and sometimes more – interested in the processes of politics and the personalities involved.                

It is a good idea to prepare research on your political opponents – both their ideas and their people – and work them into sound-bites that can used in conversations with journalists.                

Mobile billboards - the ad-mobile

Mobile billboards - the ad-mobile

As green party campaigns are usually more poorly funded than our competitors, we often have less money to spend on expensive items like outdoor advertising. We can try to use public relations to leverage our spending. Consider hiring a mobile ‘ad-mobile’ for a press launch – a photo of this in the papers can be worth 20 billboards, and can make your budget go further.                

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